Retirement Concepts Associates Corp. was founded in 2008 by a Certified Public Accountant in response to many clients asking “Can I Retire? – How Long Will My Money Last?”

The program starts with listing your assets as of today and projects the annual changes to these assets based on your answers to the questions posed. The Ultimate Retirement Guide will create a complete picture of your financial future.

It is customized to your individual financial facts, is interactive and precise. It computes whether you can afford to retire and how long your money will last up to age 100. By changing one or more of the answers to the questions, new tables will be created to reflect how long your money will last.

The following key retirement factors are considered in The Ultimate Retirement Guide and on no other retirement website:

  • Automatically computes the required minimum pension assets
  • Automatically computes annual income taxes based on changing annual income
  • Suggests the choice of assets to pay for living costs which will result in the minimum tax due. Or if you prefer, allow you to choose which assets to use.
  • Segregates the classes of assets owned because it influences income taxes due.
  • Considers Social Security benefits received.
  • Reduces assets to pay for annual living costs, adjusted for inflation, takeing into consideration possible changes in living costs after retirement.
  • Considers amounts you save from present age to retirement age and amounts earned after retirement.
  • Considers unusual items of income or expenses incurred, expected sales of real estate or other non income producing property.
  • Allows the comparison of projected assets at the end of each year with the actual assets held.