Read what our customers are saying:

“I signed up for your program and just had to tell you that I am absolutely blown away by the ability to project various scenarios about my client’s retirement planning. This program has allowed me to offer additional valuable services to clients and to increase my billings. My clients are very pleased with their ability to realistically plan their retirement. They were unable to obtain such information from any other source.”

Ross T. C.P.A

As a physician my objective is to care for my patients. I also have a duty to provide for my family. Up to now I was unable to intelligently plan my retirement because no interactive program currently available could track my assets from today to an extended life span. Your program has given me the ability to influence how long my money will last by allowing me to create different scenarios about my annual living costs, estimated rates of annual inflation and other factors to take into consideration.

Dr. Sheldon S.

I have scoured the internet withhout success in an effort to find a program which I could rely on to determine how long my money will last in my retirement. It was a Godsend to use your program. By answering several questions, tables were created which advised me about my annual minimum required distribution, my annual income tax due based on my annual income,allowed me to consider expected earnings in retirement and other factors which will influence my ability to retire.It answered the question of how long my money will last. I loved your program. I kept changing various answers to the questions which allowed me to plan my retirement in a more realistic way.
I consulted with several clients and created retirement guides for them. They were extremely pleased with the results and were happy to pay me additional fees for my work. My relationships with these clients have greatly improved after I supplied them with your retirement guide.

Phillip W. C.P.A.